Discover Diu

Known for its untouched natural beauty and unrivalled serenity, Diu is the most popular gateway for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. The exquisite beaches of Diu are crafted by God in a magical way, the clean beaches with golden sand and palm groves are exotic in every sense. The beaches are pure and untouched by consumerism and one can thoroughly enjoy what nature has to offer. Radhika Beach Resort is set onlooking Diu's biggest attraction, the Nagoa beach.

The magnificent Somnath Temple and the mesmerizing Gir Forest are also at a comfortable driving distance from the resort. Diu, the marvelous land of serene beauty is worth a visit for an unforgettable experience.


Chakratirth Beach

The Chakratirth beach is popular for a legend according to which Lord Krishna killed the demon Jalandhar with Sudarshan Chakra at this place. In honour of this legend, the footprints of Lord Krishna are carved out in stone on a hill near the beach. Located in the South West region, it is one of the most sought after beaches in Diu.

St. Paul’s Church

The beautiful white steeple of St. Paul's Church seems to touch the blue sky, proclaiming spirituality in the quiet town of Diu. The architecture of this church is famous for being one of those few in the country which are designed in the Baroque style. The church is one of the oldest in India.

Diu Fort

Constructed in the 16th Century, the Diu Fort is an important historical sight. It is a mesmerizing place with lush greenery in and around it and the gushing blue water to the horizon. A view from the top of this fort cannot be more enchanting. Located within it are a Lighthouse and the Diu Jail, making the place even more desirable for tourists.

Gangeshwar Temple

The divine Gangeshwar Temple is one with a mystical aura of its own. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, there are five Shiva lingas set amidst the rocks of the seashore. These stones are believed to have been placed here by the Pandavas during their period of exile. This enchanting historical temple is totally worth a visit.


Panikotha Fortim Do Mar

Panikotha Fortim Do Mar is an enormous edifice built in the shape of a ship offshore the Arabian Sea. The rulers of Gujarat and Portuguese jointly made this structure to defend Diu against any possible Mughal invasion. Located about one nautical mile from Diu, it houses a small lighthouse and a chapel dedicated to the Lady of the Sea.


INS Khukhri

INS Khukhri is a war memorial that was built in the memory of the army officers and sailors who chose to go down with the warship INS Khukri when it was hit by three torpedoes fired by PNS Hango, a Pakistani Submarine on 9th December, 1971, during the Indo-Pak war. It was inaugurated on 15th December, 1999.


Nagoa Beach

Nagoa is a horseshoe-shaped beach just perfect for basking in the sun. This Hoka trees fringed beach is a magical land bestowed with exquisiteness and exotic ambience. Though there are many beaches in and around Diu, Nagoa is one of the most famous beaches for its serene, untouched beauty.

Naida Caves

The Naida Caves, one of the most underrated tourist attractions of Diu are just as much of a photographer’s paradise as are for an explorer. Located outside the Diu fort, the caves have an intricate network of tunnels and huge step like structures that make the caves a must visit site.

Hoka Trees

Diu can rightly be called the land of Hoka Trees, a particularly different looking type of trees whose branches eek out in different directions from a common trunk. Structurally it appears as if several coconut trees have been grafted into a common trunk. These Hoka trees are indeed unique and found only in this part of India.

Ghogla - Ahmedpur - Mandvi Beach

Ideal for swimmers and people new to the sea, the Ghogla beach is one of the safest in Diu. The same beach extends to Gujarat beyond the borders of Diu with the name Ahmedpur – Mandvi beach. Ghogla has golden sand and is also a host of water sports. The beach also provides a beautiful view of the Diu fort and the fishing villages around Diu.