Virtual Tour

Facade - Day View

The day-view of this beautiful place is a life-long memory. The charm of this decade old place is not yet lost. There is more to say but words may not be enough to express its magnificence. We invite you to come here and experience this beautiful place.

Facade - Night View

Just as the sun set and the moon marks his way, the glittering atmosphere with colourful lights and colour fountain, makes a perfect place to sit around and enjoy with your family.

Facade - Passage Way

Every corner has the same greenery, the clean path way, the soft music of the chirping birds can be heard as you pass through this way to your rooms.


Just as you make your way into the resort, an atmosphere takes you over. A warm greet and hospitality at its level best. Facing the Arabian sea this beautiful resort has everything to offer you ever thought off for a perfect holiday.

Accommodation - Deluxe Classic – Balcony

The day-view of this beautiful place is a life-long memory. The charm of this decade old place is not yet lost. There is more to say but words may not be enough to express its magnificence.

Accommodation - Deluxe Classic – Bed Room

Ideal for families, the front facing deluxe classic rooms have everything to make you feel at home. With access to over 100+ satellite channels you can choose from breakfast news, movies or a quick look at stocks; so you never miss out on anything.

Accommodation - VIP – Living Room

The living room has everything to make you feel at home. A LCD TV fitted for some hours here for u morning family breakfast or a quick evening look at stocks.

Accommodation - VIP – Bed Room

A perfect ambience for the couple to just walk in and forget the rest. All comforts loaded and privacy ensured which makes this place special from the rest.

Accommodation - VIP – Bath Room

A small change room attached to the bath, why not don’t your lady needs that space from you. Bathroom fitted with a tub bath adds to the romance.

Accommodation - VIP Back Side – Living Room

Comforts ensured, spacious living room with a extra spacious sofa where you can enjoy a cup of tea or sip a coffee mug with a newspaper. Luxury of a LCD TV to a refrigerator, all loaded to make your stay pleasant.

Accommodation - VIP Back Side – Bed Room

How can your bedroom be not spacious after you just had a look at the living. Beautiful wall pieces coozy comfy bed and silent chill air conditioning is all what that will make you feel extra special.

Accommodation - VIP Back Side – Bath Room

Royal big bath fitted with tub bath and best fitted bathroom accessories.

Dining - Day View

A beautiful poolside restaurant, that serves authentic vegetarian and non-vegetarian food from the North-West region. An ideal place to enjoy the delicacies complemented by a variety of starters and drink for all ages.

Dining - Night View

A romantic night is just to begin, and what a way to start the same. As the ambience is lighted with decorative lights surrounding the resort, so is the ambience within. The music is harmonising and the intoxication is at its peak. Just enjoy, as the time take is over.

Meetings & Conferences

Radhika Beach Resort is a perfect place whether you are planning a workshop or training session, we can customize our facilities to meet your needs and ensure a memorable event. Our staff is well trained to ensure attentive service. The hall is fully equipped with communication system and presentation facilities to ensure smooth running of your business event.

Pool - Evening View

As your kids take a game in the pool, you can sit aside an watch them play. Or just forget the rest and recall your childhood in the water pool for all ages.

Pool - Night View

Its all in the air, the ambience, the light and beautiful colour fountain, the aroma of fresh air, what else do you think you need to conclude your day. Take a walk or just sit near by the poolside.